Friday, July 17, 2015

Manitoba visitor

Sometimes we wonder why we don't have a selfie stick, but we manage without one. 

Our friend Siggi came to see us for two days on his way back from Sudan, so we showed him around a bit. It was wonderful to have a friend from Winnipeg share time with us. We enjoyed giving him a glimpse of how we live and where we live.

For some reason Phyllis had the men sit for this photo in front of the Egyptian Museum. The men realized very quickly that the stone was incredibly HOT, and refused to pose for a second shot.

There are four lions like this one guarding one of the bridges over the Nile. We walked over the bridge to get a view of the river and to take the metro back to Heliopolis. Siggi had never been on the Cairo metro and thought it would be interesting. It always is, so we were happy to oblige.