Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The former Greek School

The Orthodox Church was given the former Greek School to renovate and turn into a high quality education facility in Port Said. The bishop would like us to place a volunteer here.
The government is requiring the church to renovate the school according to its original form, as it is a historical building. They have old photos to guide them in the restoration.

All the workmen wanted a photo with the bishop.

The workmen are replacing wood with metal that looks like wood, but should last much longer. These railings are an example. The ornamentation just below the roof tiles is another example of metal being used instead of the former wood.

There are 25 classrooms in the school. The church would like to keep classes down to 25 children per class, but the government would like it to be 50. This defeats the intention of quality instruction for students though. Schools are generally poor, so parents put great pressure on administration to accept their child into a good school, such as this one. We feel for them.

We too landed up in a picture with the bishop.

There is plenty of work that needs to be done before September, but everyone is confident that the school will open this fall.