Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Port Fouad

In the morning we took the free ferry across the Suez Canal and went to Port Fouad to see what the Orthodox Church is doing there. There is enough time to get out of the car and take pictures. This picture is taken looking onto the ferry.

From the ferry one of the most impressive buildings to be seen is the old shooting club. People would shoot clay pigeons from the verandah. Not sure what the building is being used for today.

We had breakfast overlooking the canal at St. Mark's Church. The painted ceiling is very impressive. Many scenes from the old and New Testament are depicted there.

The six days of creation are in one arch. Notice the dinosaurs. We've never seen that before.

We then visited a school and after that went to Ste. Marina to see the girl's home, old folks home, care centre for mentally challenged people, and a cheese making shop all on the same premises.

Everywhere we went we were offered cold drinks of various kinds. We had to wait for our tour guide, so had time to relax a bit.

Here is the cheese making room. They have all kinds of equipment, including devices that look like refrigerators that make yogurt. The products are sold in the church shop.

Here is some milk being strained over a sink.

On the ferry ride back the light was better for the Port Fouad side, so here is the most impressive building we left behind.

Reminders that this really is a port. It was odd to be in the same desert country we are growing accustomed to living in, yet to be beside such a large body of water.