Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Knitting for My Little Friends

There are 4 kids in my life whom I've been knitting for.  Twins,a boy and a girl, here in Egypt who just turned one year old got the "Mr Sun", boy and girl dolls and a pouch with some Ikea stacking cups.

A 4 year old girl who lives in Bosnia "needed" some play food.  You can see breakfast (bacon, egg and toast with an apple), a banana and cupcake snack along with supper (spaghetti and meatballs with cauliflower and corn on the cob).

Her brother is a few months old and he got a blue/green ball with two handles which make it easy to grab.

It was fun for me to knit these small projects because the sense of accomplishment comes quickly -- often within a few hours.  

Knitting Gets Noticed
Some of the knitting I did while travelling and it was humorous for me to notice cleaners slowing down to see what I was doing as they cleaned the airport, or other passengers trying to figure out what I was knitting.  One man asked if I was making a banana and I said, "No, this is corn on the cob. Here is my finished banana."  Another time in an airport waiting room a man told me a story about how his wife used to knit but now she is too busy with their kids; he travels a lot.  My favorite was when we waiting in Istanbul airport for the second time in about a week and a man stopped walking when he saw me knitting and said, "I saw you here a week ago and your were knitting then too!" 

Knit On!