Saturday, May 30, 2015

Franz and Sophie's

Life really is too short to drink ordinary green tea, when there are hundreds of blends waiting for you to try. We had to visit this tea shop because when Tamara went there in January to buy us some tea, the guy asked questions about us so that he could choose just the right tea for us. We love it, so came here to meet this man and to choose some tea for ourselves.

Here is just one small selection of teas available. The funny thing is that Bosnians only drink tea for medicinal purposes, so this is a hard sell in Sarajevo.

A timer was set, so that each of our teas was steeped to perfection. First he brewed the tea in the clear pots and then transferred it to the white pots. 

The tea guy is Adnan, and he and Phyllis are great friends now. He chose some great tea for some of our team members.
We are looking forward to enjoying some great tea in the months to come.