Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Our Area Director lives in Sarajevo and we are here for the week for orientation. We are also getting a tour of the area. The city lies in a valley and we took a taxi to the top of the hill for a view. You can see why it was easy to siege the city in 1992.

Here is a view without us in the way.

We toured a bit of the old city which has the requisite square full of pigeons.

There is an old mosque there as well.

We toured the old city hall turned library, which was burned down during the war. This is where the cellist of Sarajevo played in the ruins. The building was reconstructed and they are now deciding what to do with it. 

While we were looking from the balcony a violinist and film crew preformed for us below.

Back on the streets we saw the mosque in action.

We were constantly reminded of the war because all of the buildings have bullet holes and the streets have marks of red showing where someone had been killed by a grenade. Above and below is a shell of a building being taken over by trees.