Sunday, May 03, 2015

Wassenaar, Holland

Yesterday we flew to Holland and late in the afternoon we were taken for a walk in the dunes. To get there we walked through a forest that had daffodils growing wild under the trees.

The dunes made us feel that we were back in the desert.

It was very windy off the North Sea.

We took a short look at the beach which was very cold, but beautiful.

Saturday morning we walked to the centre of town to do some shopping and site seeing. This is a picture of the town centre with a pump to water the horses when they would come to town.

We had to be well behaved because this is where the Dutch royals live.

There are many churches in Wassaaner, but I believe this is the oldest.

This windmill is right in town. 

Saturday afternoon we drove around looking at fields of flowers, not just tulips. Because it is a short blooming season many Dutch people were doing the same.

All the fields as far as we could see were planted with flowers.  In the last post, Phyllis promised it would be greener in Holland -- maybe she should have said it would be more colourful!

We have been thrilled by having people greeting us in Dutch. We blend in so well here. Unbelievable, isn't it?