Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pyramids and One Benefit of Being Caught in Taffic

We were at the pyramids today with a visitor.  It was a lovely sunny day and is just starting to get warm - about 31C.  But with today's light breeze out in the open, it wasn't too bad.

If only we didn't have to cope with the 2 hours of traffic getting there plus 2 hours back, it would have been a lot better.

However, one of the benefits of being in traffic so long was that I could take this photo of cardboard ready to be recycled.  The reason this excites me is that we are working on a project in a recycling village which is getting funding from some Dutch Mennonites.  This coming Sunday we will be in Holland speaking with some of the church members about the project and so I am looking forward to showing them pictures related to their project.

People who live and work in recycling villages are generally quite poor and are at risk of many health hazards as a result of their work and environment.  Some people call the areas where these people live "Garbage Villages" but for us, we prefer "Recycling Villages."  We will write more about this project in future posts.

We are heading to Holland tomorrow for meetings and an area retreat.  We will post some greener pictures than the pyramids above because we hear the forecast is for rain - something we don't see much here.