Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sight seeing in Sarajevo

Wednesday was a "free" day for us, so we took a tram to the old city and toured some museums.
The first one is a house rom the Ottoman period which was similar to the Muslim architecture in Cairo, though adapted to the colder climate with lower ceilings, indoor showers beside the stoves and a cellar for cold storage.

We couldn't figure out why these young people were taking pictures of each other pretending to film something. Eventually two actresses showed up and we were asked to be quiet while they filmed a scene a few times.

Sarajevo has many artesian wells that just sprout water continuously. A marked difference from the Egyptian desert.

For Conrad, a picture of his father looking like a tourist studying a guide book in the middle of the street.

We aren't used to hills either. This is a city within a valley, so there are hills on all sides to climb.

We visited the Jewish museum which is housed in a very lovely building.

We also visited the Orthodox Church which is a different kind of Orthodox from what we know.

Here is a cross just leaning against an outside wall.

Our last museum of the day was the "Sarajevo Historical Museum" which is dedicated to the most recent war and siege on the city. A very sobering exhibit. It's a bit shocking to see all the evidence of the fighting on all the buildings we see, so in a way the whole city is a memorial to the conflict.