Monday, June 11, 2007

Going for a Walk in Our Neighborhood
It's about a one kilometer walk from our house to the mini-mart.
This photo essay will orient you to our neighborhood.

Of course, you don't need to walk because there are

many tuk-tuks whose drivers would be happy to take you.

Or you could bike with Erik on our side street.

Food on Display at the Vietnamese Spring Roll Shop.
Inside the Vietnamese Restaurant.
The people who run this meat-only restaurant
set up their charcoal bar-b-que grill each evening
on the edge of the sidewalk. Arthur and Conrad inside one of the 15 sit-down
restaurants. Only 2 of them are indoor restaurants.

Steak and fries with a salad garnish.

Goodies at the Cake Shop

Phyllis at one of the 5 clothing shops on the way.

A Beauty Shop
There are 3 Beauty Shops and 3 Barber Shops.

Auto Repair Shop

This one specialized in Jeeps but there are 4 others.

The Dental Clinic.

A Street Vendor Selling Baked Goods

A Pharmacy
There are 2 on the way.

The Stationary Shop

There are 2 others.

Here we are at our favorite Mini-Mart.

Outside the mini-mart, the JOMA bakery truck.

We'll go back the same way we came.

Judging by all the motorcycles outside,

here's a store that's quite popular.

Looking down a side street.

The clinic where I have my physio therapy.

I used to come here on a daily basis.
There is another clinic down the street.

One of the two temples.

Basket Shop Number One

Basket Shop Number Two

Picture Framing Shop

Art Gallery and Shop

One of the 6 stores selling drinks.

This restaurant is still open, even with the construction.

The MCC sign indicating that this is our side-street.

The street where we live.