Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Health Visit Up the River

Renee and I joined Alisa and the health team on a visit to two villages up the Nam Ngiap River. The boat journey was an hour and a half through beautiful Lao countryside.

Our purpose at the village included:

Making Soy Milk: a nutritious and likeable snack

The beans had previously been soaked, boiled and blended. At the village, the health technician and Renee mixed them with water and put them through a strainer to get out the lumps. (Later someone took the bean paste to make into snacks. Nothing goes to waste!) Our soy water was then brought to a boil over a fire. Before serving, we added sugar.

Listening to Stories

Weighing Babies (and older people too)

Alisa with a friend.

The Climax was serving up the soy milk.
Everyone brought their own
bowls or cups and tried it.
It tasted great!

Weekend Activities
On Friday night, Arthur, Erik and Conrad
joined us at Ben and Alisa's
for the weekend. We had a great time and here
are some highlights.

Need For Speed Tournament
(Conrad was the winner)

Swimming in the Nam Ngiap
(We took some other pictures but
everyone just looks like a little dot in the distance.)

Hanging Out


Being Crafty