Monday, March 12, 2007

Ian and Angela Go To

Luang Prabang

Last weekend we went to Luang Prabang,

the ancient kingdom's capital and now a world heritage site.

We had lots of fun seeing the sights and doing the tourist things.

One morning we took an elephant ride.

We went through rice paddy, over small hills,

through a dry stream bed and

through a river.

Then we took a long narrow Lao boat upstream to

a "waterfall".

This being the dry season, we went to a
"dry" waterfall.

The next day, we managed to find a waterfall
where the water is still running
-- even in the dry season.

We also visited some sun bears
or Asian bears that were being protected.

Today we saddly dropped Ian and Angela off at the airport.
It didn't quite look like this
but we did watch them make the start of a long journey home.


We are Excited!

The Giesbrechts sent us some Roots T-shirts!
We are very thankful to have them.
It took a while to find a day where we could all wear them
in a photo.
Because we like them so much,
there was always at least one in the laundry.

OK. We calmed down.