Sunday, January 21, 2007

Conrad had a Birthday!
He's 13 years old.

He celebrated his birthday when we were at MCC meetings

on the Gulf of Thailand.

Here he is with two MCC "cousins",

David (from the Philippines)

and Stephanie (from China).

He's wearing the Birthday T-shirt that says

"Smile" on the front and "It's my birthday" on the back.

It's a Mann Family tradition to wear this shirt on your birthday.

The restaurant food was quite elaborate most meals

but they went all out for Conrad's Birthday dinner.

There was shrimp cocktail to start with

followed by soup, main course and a beautiful dessert.

The candles on the plate in front of him spell out


-- a greeting that has 13 letters -- just perfect for turning 13.Sometimes desserts that look this good don't taste so good

but this one was excellent!

The new teenager opening some presents in the hotel room.