Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Elise is Hononored Guest

Arthur's aunt was an honored guest at a hand over ceremony last week. MCC Laos received a shipment of blankets, school kits, newborn kits and health kits earlier in the year. Most of the shipment is used in MCC health and education projects but part of it was handed over to the Department of Health in Vientiane Province for them to distribute to needy people. It just so happens that Aunt Elise belongs to a group of 8 women who work together to produce 250 quilts to donate to MCC each year. None of the quilts donated came directly from that group but it was great to have her there to explain to the health officials about where the blankets and quilts come from and give them more of an idea about MCC's support base. She gave a speech about their work and everyone at the event was impressed and clapped.