Monday, October 23, 2006

In What Century Are We Living?

This Saturday morning Arthur and I found ourselves both pursuing our hobbies.

He was baking bread in the kitchen. This Saturday he made the whole wheat honey bread from MCC's More-with-Less Cookbook. He does it the old fashioned way -- with his hands -- not with a bread machine.

I was in the living room weaving on my traditional Lao loom which is made of weathered, distressed wood and is about as big as a 4-poster twin bed. These days I am working with black warp with mostly blue and green weft. I'm having fun experimenting with patterns and colors and the end result will likely be made into presents for friends.

I commented to Arthur that judging from the things that we enjoy doing, maybe we were living in the wrong century.

Then we looked around more closely and listened.

Erik and Conrad were playing Sony Play Station with the volume on high in the air-conditioned living room.

Those two keep us rooted in the 21st century.