Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Street Scenes

Motorcycles are the most popular or at least most prolific mode of transportation in Hanoi. It seems like the ratio is twenty motorcycles to one car, but that's probably not accurate. It is interesting to note that the taxes to buy a car equal 200% of the price of the vehicle.

Watching the streets go by from the windows of a number 35 bus. It was during nap time, so there were very few people on the bus. During the heat of the day, after lunch, most people take a nap.

The MCC office from the street. 

What better place to park your bike, but on the sidewalk? 

Beside a busy street is one of the many lakes in Hanoi. 

It looks like we're standing in the street, but we're actually still on the sidewalk.

Street food is abundant. We panicked the people at this barbecue place when we foreigners showed up. They landed up phoning a neighbour who came over to translate the menu for us.

The dipping sauces made everything taste great.