Monday, March 30, 2015

Hanoi International Church

Our eldest led the service for Palm Sunday. The room is very large, so there were a lot more people there than we could capture with the camera from our seats. It was a complicated service beginning with a pre-processional responsive reading in a side room before we all walked in with palm branches and laid them by the altar. There was also a lot of mic passing going on. He did a great job.

After church we went out for lunch with a number of people, including the MCC reps. We went to what felt like a rural setting with walls around the compound, so the kids could run around without getting into the street. Sorry, no photos.

After lunch we were invited to the reps house for a game of Agricola. They have a baby which we passed around and a two and a half year old who entertained us with his non stop motion. It was great to meet Erik's support group. He's the only foreign volunteer they have, so he gets all the attention. What could be better than that?

After the game we had a snack of the best mangoes we've had in a long time and then went out for noodles and beef. Excellent fast food. We had so much fun we forgot to take pictures.