Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2000 Road Trip Report - By Erik

This weekend we were going through an old desk and found a journal Erik wrote on the road trip we took to Disneyland in 2000.  From what he says about us near the end, we think we made him write it.  (Most of the mistakes are part of his original manuscript.)

Erik's Trip

Saturday, December 9, 2000, 4:35 pm
We are now at the point that there is no snow!  We have been in the following stats:
North Dakota
South Dakota

Monday, December 11, 8:22
We will spend the Kansas.  I took most of my pictures in Iowa,  I have now been in the following states:
New Mexico
We are looking forward for Disneyland,  It is very beautiful in New Mexico.  When we look out of the window we see all sorts of colors:  green, brown, red.  We are seeing a lot of cows.  Last night it was so foggy that we had to stop.  We could hardly find a hotel.  There was fog in the pool. 

In the car we play darts, I spiy, read, crafts.  I made a shark bag and We are reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,

Friday, December 15, 4:38
We are stuck in traffic.  We have see 17 helicopters.  I have been on the ride Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  it was so cool. Because it has  circulation and snakes and woddling bridges.  Tarzans' treehouse was so fun.  so so 

Tuesdaddy, December 18, 1:34
I have seen some giant sequoias,. They a very big trees. I have been in yosmite.  We found heug pine cones,  Yesterday we spent the night in Medford Oregon,  Tonight we will spend it in Washington. We tried to see some caves, but they were closed for the winter.

Thersday, December 28, 2:44
We are in Canada.  We see nothing on the prarie.  We are reading the first Harry Potter book now.  It is a very good book to reab.  It's getting very boring,  It's very bumpy. I got yoyo that lights up,  I got my eye's tested by my ant.  She is an optomatrist.  I am very fursterated because of my perants.

We were at science world in vancouver,  I was a very cool fire show,  I lerned how to make a pillar of fire. 

I saw a place called grossology and boy was it stinky.

I also saw lots of things that had to do with sound,

I saw tons of nature, I saw a rilly big narwal tusk.