Sunday, January 23, 2011

Conrad got his Driver's Licence!!

At first we weren't sure who was more excited: His parents or he, himself.

But it soon became evident that his parents were MUCH MORE excited. This will open a whole new stage for us. Our lives are completely changing. Take right now for example. Arthur and I are home and the boys are out. It's dark and minus 25 or something outside. We don't have to keep an eye on the clock to go pick them up in a few hours. We can just do our merry little activities and then go to bed. What are we doing? Arthur is actually watching TV and he gets to hold the remote and pick the channel. I actually have time on the computer. Earlier we had a candle lit meal of rice and curry. Can you see why we are excited?

So now we have 4 drivers and one car. This makes for some complicated scheduling sometimes. Earlier this week this is how the car got used.

All Day - Phyllis had the car because she had meetings outside the office
4:30 Phyllis left her office
4:50 Arrived at Arthur's office to pick him up
5:00 Left Arthur's office
5:20 Dropped Phyllis off at Millenium Library to give an evening presentation
5:45 Picked up Conrad from the Health Sciences Center where he was visiting a friend
6:15 Arrived home for supper
6:30 Erik left home for Boys Club at church
7:00 Arrived at church and parked for a while
8:30 Left church
8:45 Arrived downtown near the Millenium Library to pick up Phyllis
9:00 Arrived home for the evening