Monday, December 08, 2008

Playing Catch Up
We moved!

Our moving van drove right through the intersection at Portage Avenue and Main Street -- one of the most famous intersections in Winnipeg. All of Arthur's experience as a farm boy driving big machinery came in handy while negotiating the 26 foot van.

We didn't take pictures of the moving days when many of our friends and family came to help us. We were too busy to get out the camera.

Our first five days in the new house didn't include furniture so we all slept in the living room on air mattresses.

The cleaning crew of friends who came to help me clean the house before we moved in.

Why the long wait for a new posting?
A lot has happened in the past months but we've had trouble writing about it because our computer was in the shop. After some long waits, we finially got a new hard drive and then later a new motherboard. So basically it's a new computer. We've had it back for about a week and so far, so good.