Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Trip to Akron
MCC's head office is in Akron and we went to there for meetings. Of course we didn't just go to meetings the whole time....and besides, meetings make for some really boring photos.

Our first stop with Diane was a visit to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory.

The MCC Welcoming Place:

We stayed in Africa House this time.

Supper with Joe (our boss) and his family. Only Matthew and Joe are shown here.

Arthur and Diane in discussion.
We met the Lao participants in the International Volunteer Exchange Program. They are starting a year of volunteering in a thrift store, Ten Thousand Villages store and 2 working with new immigrants to Canada and United States. It was fun to meet them and encourage them as they begin this exciting time abroad.
Arthur sitting on one of the many rocking chairs in Harrisonburg International Airport.