Sunday, May 14, 2006

Our Weekend in Phialat

Recently, we spent the weekend with some MCC volunteers,
Heidi and Micah,
who live in a bamboo house on stilts
in a village called Phialat
(pronounced almost like "pee-a-laat").
Phialat is less than 2 hours from Vientiane.

Heidi is a community health worker
and is working with an MCC health project based in Phialat.
Their house is on the hospital grounds.

Micah is an agriculturalist
and has started a project working
with integrated pest management
and sustainable methods of crop production.
Part of the project involves model gardens,
one of which is right by their house.
This (below) is lemon grass
which is consumed in soups and sauces
but in the garden serves as pest control
and helps to reduce erosion.