Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Year in Review

One of the first things
Conrad did this year
was to turn 11
on January 4th.

The MCC volunteers got together for a retreat in Ban Pako in mid February. We played games, had a church service and did some planning for the year ahead.

In March,
friends from Switzerland
came to visit.

Among other things,
we took them to
a monument park
in Thailand.

In April, all of the foreign volunteers went to Cha’Am to meet with Mennonites in the region for the South East Asia Anabaptist Retreat.

Here’s part of our group as we
traveled through
the Bangkok train station.

They say, "Money makes the world go around."
And that's true in Laos too.
For most of the year, the kip has been trading at about
10,000 kip to US $1.00.
We can easily spend a million kip in a weekend!
(About $100.)

in one of the tributaries
of the Mekong
in Bolikhamxay province.
Just going with the flow.

Going on a study tour
with volunteers and staff
is good for team building
and learning what MCC is doing in Laos.

Erik and Conrad attend a very good international school.

Like kids all over the world,

for them,

homework is a big part of every weekday evening.