Saturday, June 14, 2014

Erik Graduates from University

University of Winnipeg
There was much pomp and circumstance. 
Jean Chr├ętien (in red and white and fuzzy) received an Honorary Degree In Law and gave a speech which was quite entertaining. He and Lloyd Axworthy are good friends and he talked about old times. 

Erik getting the degree. 
Erik is sitting in the row above the half empty row in the middle of the group of three people by the aisle. 

Happy times!

Lots of support. 

Later we went out for lunch at Red Lobster and Erik had a combo plate with crab. We were finished our meals long before he was done and so we just watched him get all the meat from the crab. 

Erik did about 95% of his studying for this degree - all 4 years of it -- from this chair (below).  He had it in this position, juggling his laptop and his books.  It's located right in our living room and we lived our lives around him as he worked in that chair. Somehow he stayed focused and got it all done.  I made the photo into a card and I've attached it here.  In the very small print it says that we are now giving him the chair as a grad present.

Of course we also gave him the traditional parental grad gift:  Luggage.
(Luggage is practical but also serves as a hint.)