Monday, September 26, 2005


Conrad has decided to get straight A's this year and is dedicating himself to working hard at school. (I don't know where he comes from). He has joined the competitive soccer team, but they play against international schools in other countries, so we can't afford to send him to the "away" games. He says he understands and is ok with that, and is still putting his utmost into practices. Last night he had to write 50 words describing himself - he chose to do it with adjectives only... we helped out a bit with: determined, witty, humorous, stubborn, loyal, empathetic, huggable, cute.

Erik decided that he would try really hard at school, especially with getting homework done. Though intentions are there, in practice we have already had three teachers phone us letting us know that assignments aren't showing up. (I don't know where he comes from either.) About a month ago Erik was 5'4"; which some of you will relate to more than others, and he has a "hollow leg." His newest passions are acting and action adventure spy novels. Computer games continue to be a very high priority for him as well.

The Evening Fellowship has started a youth group, which all the Senior students at VIS can attend, so both boys have started going (Conrad is in S1).

Phyllis was in Chiang Mai recently helping Nikaela (SALTer) get settled in and came back just in time to meet Joe (our new boss). He left on Monday morning, and since then we have been working on preparing for the All Asia CR meetings which will be in Chiang Mai October 6th. After Joe left, Phyllis got in to a bit of a baking frenzy and is looking forward to not working this weekend. We'll see if that's actually possible. Her loom has been sitting forlornly since June, but she wants to change colors so a big chunk of time will be needed in order to get that project going again. Phyllis will be finished her term on the school board on Sept 29th. She is looking forward to handing that job over. Phyllis is also busy trying to reserve rooms for the family gathering at the beach just after Christmas - not as easy as one would expect it to be.

I have been busy reading through all the books we brought back from Canada. No, I'm not finished yet, but I have managed to get through a fair number already. I've managed to bake bread a few times, and while the SALT women were over for breakfast every day, I managed to make time to bake cinnamon buns. At work things continue to plug along. I've been to a lot of meetings lately, and will continue to do so. I was in Sangthong overnight Monday to Tuesday this week, and will be back next Thursday for a big award ceremony for the Village Health Volunteers and Traditional Birth Attendants. I have just begun a term on the INGO committee for the INGO Forum and will go to a donor meeting on Monday - so I will be rubbing shoulders with ambassadors and the like.

We have begun planning the 30th Anniversary of MCC in Laos for November 25th, We are trying to keep it down to 200 people, but I suspect we will land up with 300.